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August 7, 2013
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CA : Claire Auriville by Kemu-ruShi CA : Claire Auriville by Kemu-ruShi
Rp Group :iconcolossus-atrox:
i hope it will be accept :iconrlytearplz:

updated taddaahh height..stats and etc ..
will updated her app soon

Task 1&2: here
Task 3 a :
Task 3 b : /
full :
claire tumblr :
Age meme :

can RP : RP Chat.. Note.. Comment.. Skype-line-kakao-wechat-whatsapp-many
skype : ShironekoChii
line-kakao-wechat: Syifa_SNChii
Name : Claire Auriville
Squad : Scouting Legion soldier [Military Police]
Stats : updated //srap
* Agility : 9
* Combat : 10
* Teamwork : 0
* Strategy : 5
* Defense : 1

Gener: Japan (i think claire face like asian girl:icondidyoujustplz:)
Height : 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Age: 15
(yo this is h/w and age same like me )

• innocent person, quite, calm and mature.. kind but sometimes little bit ignorant .. mysterious
• Care all soldier/people specialy to who claire knows no matter what.. protective
• Cant Control herself if she angry.. she little bit Overfeelings / sensitive
• Kuudere .. but inner is Yandere totally
• have a good or perfect physic and academyc, but she is egoism wanna working herself (she didnt wannna inconvenience )
• likes to snapped people if people underestimate
• didnt talk to much.. to the point .. she doesnt like long speech
• Mature but quite... she talk just some words with innocent face
? : hey you wanna join us? we have a best blabla
Claire : no..

Claire : you cant

? : Thats my milk !!
Claire : mine...

? : what animals do you like
Claire : cats

yeah...thats claire....

• have a cute smile and an opened true personality if someone close to her..
• never wanna give up .. she will do the best no matter what
• Always forcing herself.. force to protecting .. force to killing.. every time she force herself...just for another people
• very level-headed.. of course
• do not hesitate to kill if someone underestimate/snapped claire or someone she loves...

Past story : Claire.. her mother was death after give birth... her father is on the another city and doesnt know if his wife is passed away... she adopted by her neighbor.. 13 years later.. her neighbor... are passed away.. and she got bad new from the other neighbor.. her real father was passed away to and dont know who did it... she just runed away and claire lives alone.. she just only mice trapped..
one day when she wake up the morning.. she was taken by a group of unidentified people.. and then.. that unidentifited people.. bring claire to a noble man.. his name is Marcent.. he is kind person.. that unidentified people just wanna save claire's life..

after that, Marcent raised claire as a adopted child.. but that happiness for Claire it only lasted 1 years.. titans is attacking all the marcent family... and only claire was saved.. she runed away.. that innocent girl doesnt know where she must go now, and just can protecting herself alone.. but her life was changing... 2 days brood in the ruins house.. she awake... she just escape.. marcent and the family was giving more kind and help .. and protecting claire.. but she didnt do anything for marcent family.. she crying and shout loudly " i hate my self" .. she goggle.. laughing alone.. and take a sword in the ruins house former by death soldier of scouting legion.. at the far away.. titan was eating human.. claire just laughing... and she run so fast and climb titan's body.. and cut titan's neck... of that confusion, why claire knows weaknesses of titan ? after cuting .. she stab the titan ... and laughing back.. she shout again "i wanna kill all titans and save people..protecting who i loved.. no one can stop me.. i'll kill them all!" and suddenly she crying loudly.. and she alone.. goes to someplace that so dark and smell.. suddenly someone find her.. and help her.. he raise his and to claire and want to help claire stand... after that she be caried by him

Looks that guy has a same age with claire.. his name is Harlod.. he has a kind family.. sister mother and father... claire so envy to harlod has a complete family..3 days after settle on harlod's family.. claire swear she will protect all people and protect harlod's family too.. and claire prepared herself with harlod's father.. he is a pro scouting legion... he return from castle just a moment for train claire and then he must back to castel.. he cant long to stay there cause his soldier need him...
but saddly.. 5 month after that harlod's father was passed away cause failed mission...claire so sad cause every people whos she know.. will die after know claire ... then claire decide for settle in harlod's house for a while... and will joining scouting legion...

then 1 weeks after that.. claire parted with harlod's family.. and joining training scouting legion...someone try to say hi to claire... but claire just can reply 'hi' with innocent face
but people who replied.. feels so happy .. they imagine that claire relpy hi with smile.. but the fact she just say hi with innocent face

her personality was changing little bit.. she wanna joining scouting legion that she can go outside wall and fight the titans.. but.. somethimes she think so arrogant when being yandere " huh.. soldier of scouting legion this year is useless" .. but the normaly.. she thinking just making her strong to protect all people ... she so care to another people.. helping when people need help.. injured or anythink.. claire will helping.. but when annoying people was snapped her.. she snapper back and do not hesitate fight or killing..

Reason : " I Wanna protecting People in this world no mather what!, i have to Kill all Titans and save the people! people need live in peace!"
but sometimes she want revenge, about people was attacking and passed away by titans

Likes :
• Study and train herself
• Reading books
• blood or something like that
• sweet things and flufy
• Cats or something like that (same type like lion or tiger)
• sharps / dangerous objects
• actually she loves milk so much but people doesnt know
• animals.. but prefer cats
• Sadistic maybe
• Ice...

• titans
• Crowd / annoying
• Annoying, arrogant, dumb people..
• whos annoying her friends or someone she loved
• Berries.. she really doesnt like it
• spicy.. but not to much
• Fruits.. except mango, oranges and lyches
• Carrots and bitter vegetables
• anything she hate ( er what) cus she innocent girl .. i dont know she need likes or hate what ..

Extras :
• Father : France - Mother : Japan
• her teeth so sharp and strong.. so she can bite strong object (like ice or anythink)
• her voice mature and soft... search kotone misaki but little bit hardness :…
or imagine like IA -Vocaloid but lil bit hardness…
• Her height can grow so fast
• she doesnt easly to smile cause she cant smile to new person.. she can smile to her close friends or someone she like
• and she doesnt easlily to be friends with other.. so you must reach kokoro (heart) //srap
• her face will sparkling if you give milk.. she doesnt smile.. but her face shows she like it
• dont joke with her... she will mad... so mad ... and will kick you without tell something

Quote :
• Oh hi ?
• whats up?
• any problem ?
• am i bother you?
• eh? milk
• if you dont stop to talking i'll kill you..
• stop laughing or i'll kill you !
• ....... no

Task 2 :
Claire : so... i cant go outside wall ?
marcent : yep.. outside wall so dangerous
Claire : e..e? Why
Marcet : cause Titans can eat you
Claire : but outside wall looks so fun
Marcent : i think like that to.. but.. im sorry you cant...
Claire : ngeehh you not fun .. dad
Marcent : hehe sorry its seriously dangerous ..
Claire : neeh dad.. i wanna go outside play with my toys
Marcent : oke.. be careful
-- And suddenly earthquake is coming -- someone.. ah titan... broke the wall and the other titans comes .. titans go to broke Marcent's mansion.. and hold marcent
Marcent : RUN CLAIRE RUN !
Claire : but why? i wanna play with my toys
Marcent : titans are come ! run !
Claire : oke if you said like that .. i'll run
and marcent is eaten by titan in front of claire's eyes
but claire just ignored that accident .. she just runing

Claire : aahh!! *looking the room*
ngh... thats why i hate my nightmare... *downs*

Relations : ? :icongagahaaplz: PLEASE ..OPEN FOREVAAh :iconthegloryofplz:
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YuBit Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
I... I suggest... reading this...…
Koreigu Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh you do know this OC has been featured and mentioned in a 'bad attack on titan oc' blog right? She's been made fun of a lot
FollowingPastsShadow Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I know I'm not the person you were trying to tell this to, but could you link me to them? {Sorry, consider it morbid curiosity. XDXD}
MShinyE Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
uhhh,I know what you did There!

Auriville<font>,Really? It's Like Rivaille</font>WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  
But I Like it 
I'm so happy plz XDDDD 
Kemu-ruShi Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconcatinglipplz: no.. levi no //slap
people who saw claire didnt felt like levi btw ..if you wanna find like levi .. u must look aella.. 

:iconlazeplz: cus levi and claire soo different .. more cool levi than claire
MShinyE Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah I know,Levi's more cool  Than Other Character

But your OC Is Cool Too "Ya knowClap 

cherriluu Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HOW INTERESTING * v * ////////

hahah she likes blood //raughs

eeeeee Catalina likes cats to omg hahah

ahhh 160 cm, you're so tall in real life //IS jealous :icontearplz:
Kemu-ruShi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconpervheplz: aww thankss yours Too :icontearplz:

:iconlaughsplz: claire to yandere

yeah im so tall and i dont like it :iconorzplz: hiks
naochiko Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CLAIREEEE--CUTIE PIEEEEE!! :icondoushioplz:
bwaaahhh she's so adorable!! :iconmanryvodkaplz:
Hope our ocs can be friends dnsajhd--

Good luck making it in and I hope we can RP sometime!!
Kemu-ruShi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SURE YOU CAN.. if you can reach her kokoko :iconureshiiplz:

thaanks :icongyaaplz:
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